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I do not know anything about the Regent Street store per se - I hardly ever get to London.

However I have heard one or two things about the direction Prada want to take Church's in. As we all know they are massively expanding the number of Church's stores around the world. I strongly suspect this will mean Prada/Church's will drop all their retailers within a few years - by this I mean independant retailers. It is my believe that Prada want to take complete control of the brand. I have not heard anything that leads me to believe Prada want to destroy Church's tradition and quality rather they want to make it "exclusive" - hence they don't want a grubby little shop in Buxton selling Church's ( even if the old man knows all there is to know about the product!) or even a larger retail store in my local city. I have also heard that Prada are demanding that all current independant retailers display the product in THEIR way - shiny bright alluminium stands etc. - yuk!

Some of the latest Prada inspired leathers - namely " Fume" lead me to believe Prada want to "add" to the tradition but I doubt they want to take away from it.

As a fan of Church's my fears are:

1. Prada don't know what they are doing.
2. Prada don't know what they are doing
3. Prada don't know what they are doing
4. Oh - and they will create a monsterous hybrid of the good old Church's - tradition and quality ( at a price) and the new trendy Church's - can you imagine "Burwood" in a bright shiny red blotchy leather ( yes its on sale now!!)

As you might tell , I have absolutely no faith whatsoever in big fashion houses keeping quality and tradition alive.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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