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Chinese-collared overcoat?

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Hello all,

I have just stumbled onto this forum today, and it seems to be exactly what I've been looking for for quite some time! I'm currently living and working in Beijing (on a limited budget, ah, the life of the NGO employee) and will be taking advantage of the affordability of tailoring here to commission a new business wardrobe for myself.

At the moment I have obtained 4 meters of black cashmere, from which to create an ankle-length overcoat. My initial thoughts (and drawings) are to blend Chinese and English styles -incorporating a Chinese collar, Chinese frog fastners on the cuffs and lining it with a red Chinese silk with black geometric embroidery.

However, I would greatly appreciate people's thoughts on this. Is it going too far? Should I choose a more traditional style for an overcoat? Can one wear a Chinese collared overcoat with a classic western suit? Should I go with surgeon's cuffs on the overcoat, or is that overkill? I initially considered incorporating black silk piping on the exterior edges, but that seemed like I would be straying into the realm of costuming...

Many thanks,

Budget Dandy
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