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I have a pair of AE Delrays in chili. I like to wear them with tan, brown & olive (green) trousers (suits are not required at my work). To me, chili seems a little bit too light to wear with my navy or charcoal grey trousers.
I have a pair of Lamberts in Chili. Had them all year and like them. They're very good and work with most everything, except darker suits/pants--IMHO.

They work well with all the browns, rust, greens, greys, etc. Can even wear with seersucker. Usually I am in tweed or colors, never black and I avoid my navy suit because it is boring to me. Lamberts in chili work with what I usually wear, though I tend not to wear them as much as my Loake Exeters, AE Westgate, Dryden and Byrons.
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