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Cashmere and cashmere are often two (or more) different things. Some cashmere linings are thin and not particularly warm, others are thick and toasty. Rabbit fur can likewise be cut at different length and give different degrees of insulation.

Where both fur and cashmere are concerned it also matters a lot how tight-fitting the gloves are. Neither material provides a given amount of insulation in and of itself, their insulating properties are determined by the amount of air trapped. Hence a pair of tight-fitting gloves will never be as warm as one which fits looser, given the same insulating material. That's just simple thermodynamics. :D

I own two pairs of gloves with rabbit fur lining of pretty much the same (initial) thickness. One pair is shop-bought, because they looked good. They're very tight and not at all warm because the fur is compressed and there's no room for air to be trapped. The other is made to measure, fairly loose and the warmest pair I own.

In the past I've owned gloves with a thin cashmere lining which might just as well have been absent altogether for all the warmth it provided. On the other hand my current cashmere lined gloves, all made to measure and with thicker linings, are pretty toasty.

Basically there's no rule as to whether cashmere or fur is warmer/better, it all comes down to a combination of the quality/thickness of the lining and the fit of the gloves.

Wool, wool fleece and silk I have no experience with, but a good synthetic fleece traps more air than almost anything else. The downside is that its insulation properties drops to near zero once it gets damp or wet. It does, however, dry far quicker than other materials. It takes on body odour much easier than wool (or cashmere and fur) though and a nice pair of leather gloves can't really be washed.

For the sparing use you specify I would suggest that both fur and cashmere are equally suitable. Just make sure the fit is right and not too tight and that a good quality lining is used.
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