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so i decide its time to get some new pants

have some that a tailor in singapore made for me a couple of years ago, fit very well.

so i take them to some streetside guy who had done some alterations for me in the past, ask if he can replicate them.

Can do...customer to supply fabric - he points to a big market over the road

so i buy some "Dormellue" (sic) wool - it says made in England, but unless there is a town of that name in central China i doubt it - anyhow, it was wool according to the lighter test, and it felt quite acceptable.

1.3 metres required....the price 140000 Vietnam dong - about 8 dollars.

"Ill take three, you can discount for me, yes?"..price reduced 120000 dong so about $21 for three lengths (light gray, dark gray, navy)

back to Mr Streetside tailor.

His price...70000 dong - about $4.50 each.

So...for under 35 bucks I get myself three pairs of new pants this week!
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