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Not sure if this affects anyone, but just got this message from Charles Tyrwhitt, regarding their departure from the Canadian market.

Following a business decision as a consequence of COVID-19 we had to scale back in certain markets, unfortunately this includes Canada.

As such, Charles Tyrwhitt would like to communicate that from 27/07/2020 our Canadian site will be decommissioned and be no longer available post that date. [stuff about affiliate info removed]

We would like to thank you for being a partner during our time and we truly hope to be back very soon.

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My Mrs and I find that when offered items from Canadian sites for foreign companies the pricing and service is never as good as buying from the main site. Brooks and Bean are examples of this, offering fewer items at higher prices all In then we paid before they had Canadian sites.

I bought two CT shirts while in London last year so I am good for a while. They are ok but I have only worn one once and the other one is still in it’s package.
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