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Newbie post #1: OK, I've got all this stuff, now where can I store it?

I've been searching for cedar-lined (or ended) bags or boxes for hanging clothes during warm/moth season (upstate New York--May through October) and have really struck out.

Last year, I bought a free-standing (on casters) canvas with plastic tubing frame, rectangular wardrobe on Amazon and it was pathetic; the zippers didn't even seal the bottom (cedar) panel.

Years ago, Hammacher and Schlemmer offered some great canvas/cedar structured hanging bags (I have 3 in differening lengths), but I can no longer find them.

Anyone have a source? I'll even add my own cedar to a solid example. All suggestions much appreciated. And I have already learned some good (if esoteric :icon_smile_wink:) stuff here; thanks.

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