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I just bought a light blue polo shirt, and only wore it one day. Now I'm not the kind that sweats a lot (usually), but I do wear dodorant (but not an antipersperant, just a scented deodorant). Today I noticed (and it was only yesteday that I wore it) that the areas under the armpit, and even some areas around the chest on the underside, are completely white, as if they were bleached out. I through it in the laundry and pretreated the areas, but to no avail: it doesn't appear that there is a "stain", but rather that the color in those spots is just completely bleached away.

Does anyone have any clue as to what caused this? Was it just from sweat? Was it from my deodorant? Was it some strange chemical reaction of both? Was it a poorly dyed shirt? I've never had this happen to a shirt before. And remember, I'm not talking about the old yellow-stains-on-white-shirts. This just looks like it was bleached away. To anyone who can shed some light on this phenomenon, your help would be much appreciated.

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