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Reading the 'who dresses better' thread, a thought occurred to me.

In the space of only about 50 years, mens' clothing habits have gone almost full circle.

We are used to lamenting how most men today seem to have difficulty with the concept of 'dressing up' for a formal event - weddings, funerals etc, and we now even have clubs with a 'no jacket and tie allowed' policy.

It occurs to me that before the war, many men would have had the opposite difficulty in 'dressing down' because casual clothing was a luxury only for the rich who had money and leisure time to justify it. This is why you see pictures of men in suits at baseball games.

My grandfather, for example, a working class Scotsman, (1905 - 1991) as far as I know only ever wore a suit and tie - he just didn't have any casual clothes. Even at the beach his only concession would be to take off his jacket and roll up his shirt sleeves.

The only difference is now, most men DO have the money to dress formally, but choose not to.

Would the baseball crowds of the 30s have worn suits if they could have afforded casual clothing?

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