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19 November, carreducker return to Leffot in New York,
where we are:

  • Launching our first women's handsewn bespoke designs
  • Showcasing the full range of our fringed, tweed Winkers slip-ons for men and women (described by the New York Times as 'a louche classic')
  • Showcasing a selection of our handsewn shoes for men - available made-to-order and fully bespoke.
As guardians of the centuries-old craft of English handsewn shoemaking, we look forward to showing off the highly skilled work that goes into creating our shoes, to talking waists and welts and to taking your orders.

We'll be ready and waiting to measure you up!
19 November at Leffot, 10 Christopher Street, New York

[email protected]
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