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I have an amazing pair of Carmina Jumper Boots in Whiskey Shell Cordovan, these are VERY LIGHTLY used. I bought them from Leffot through their pre-owned section, and were unworn. I have worn them a total of less than 10 times, and never for a full day. Now you know the condition here is what I have learned about these since then.

These are marked Carmina X Epaulet Handgrade, that is something I have never seen from Carmina to use "Handgrade" and something else I haven't seen from Carmina before is the closed channel goodyear welt. They have a very nice violet leather lining, and are all in all just amazing boots.

I am asking $600 shipped in the CONUS, message me for shipping outside of the US.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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