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Hi everyone,

I need a new jacket for the fall/winter.

I like the quality of Canali,
but I'm not sure that I have the right body for this brand.

So what is a Canali build?
I am six feet two and weigh 200 pounds.

I used to be a 40 Long natural,
but I have put on weight for the last fifteen years.

My problem now:
Size 40 Long will be narrow at the chest.
This jacket will sit too tight.

Size 42 Regular will be a little short.
(perhaps an inch).

What can I do?
Do I need a tailor-made jacket?
Is Canali the right brand for me?

I would appreciate all comments.

Best regards,

P.S. I have recently bought a suit from Oscar Jacobson (42 R).
This suit looks okay, but the jacket is probably a little short.

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I don't think anyone can really tell without seeing your shape. I recently lost weight and am now about 6-2 and 215 lbs. I dropped from a 46L to a 44L in many makers, and a Canali 54L that I recently bought fits well, so I'd say the cut of the Canali I bought is an average fit.


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You need to try on whatever it is you are looking for. The problem with mens clothes these days is that size means nothing. I am 6'2" and 215. I have suits that I bought 5-10 years ago that are 42L and 44L they still fit. Now I am buying 46L and even 48L in some Manf.!

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You need to try on whatever it is you are looking for.

Each brand can fit quite differently, and they always change their fit over time. Even each model within each brand will fit differently. Discussing it on a web forum is kind of a pointless venture since there are too many nuances in fit to generalize for the entire Canali brand.

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The best advice has already been related. You have to try it on to see if it works for you. As with most RTW, you should not depend on being able to alter it very much. If it is not right off of the rack it is not right at all.
Just a general thought which may or may not apply to your specific needs. is that if you have thicker shoulders and chest, a Canali might be a possibility. The problem with that is that the definition of thicker is variable. Also a drop of 6 to 7 inches is generally preferable.
As I write this I am reminded of the variables of trying to define an athletic build. There is no one definition.
With all of that said any you being no better off than you were before, I think a trip to the store is in order for further investigation.
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