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Can you wear a mandarin collar shirt, with a non-mandarin collar tuxedo?

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(yes, I know that you probably clicked on this thread to yell at me, but please don't =)

I have a fly-front tux, and want to wear it. Yes, I want to be fashion-forward, because, I'm going to such an event. I just wanted to know if mandarin-collared shirts were only for the tuxedos of the same name.

Thanks in advance!
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My inclination would be to say that you can't wear them together. However it would help if you can post a picture of the proposed ensemble to see the button stance and also post what event your going to.

I think that would look best with a turn down collar and tie. I think the wing collar shown looks bad, and I'm afraid a mandarin collar would as well. Most of the people in the pictures looked like they were wearing bad prom leftovers, the key is to be different, trendy, but not cheesy.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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