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Can someone give me an overview of lining and fusing in shirts

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Why are you so against fusing?

Trevor L. Furbay

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An expensive garment shouldn't be made with cheap methods.
quote:Originally posted by Romualdo

quote:Originally posted by DocHolliday

An expensive garment shouldn't be made with cheap methods.
Why do you think this is a cheap method?
I should elaborate: Fusing, as Alex notes, has its place, and can be done well. But, for the most part, it is used as a way to cut manufacturing costs. This is fine if it is part of a strategy to keep costs down for the consumer. But too often it's used as a way to increase the markup. If I'm going to pay premium prices, I expect premium quality in return.

Also, I find fusing hugely unpredictable. It's hard to tell how well it's been done and how well it will hold up.
quote:Originally posted by Fabrizio

How can you tell if a jacket is fused or unfused (without taking it apart)?
Pinch the fabric on the inside and outside of the coat below the bottom button. Gently pull them apart. If you can feel a separate, third layer of cloth inside, the coat is not fused.
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