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I recently took a chance on a rather unclear Ebay listing, and I just received it today. Aside from small minor flaws (missing top button, stains on one sleeve), it is absolutely delightful. It is definitely "trad", with light shoulder padding, 2.5 button, no darts, single vent, fully canvassed, and handmade buttonholes. The label says "Custom Tailored by H. Freeman and Son, Philadelphia" in gold thread on the left pocket and "H. Freemand and Son, Made in USA" on the collar. There are no size labels (appears to have been ripped off). The fabric seems pretty hardy; I would guess 80s.

I am rather curious when this blazer is from; to my rather untrained eye, it seems to be of much higher workmanship than H. Freeman suits I see these days (although I didn't examine them closely), and I am not even sure if this was MTM or RTW. Does anyone have any knowledge on this? Does "Custom Tailored" on the label imply that it was MTM?

Thanks for the help. And for very useless reference:
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