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Can anyone tell me what are the best and comfy work boots?

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Hi, i'm a construction worker i want boots that's are perfect for me & i can walk easily
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Hi. I like wearing RockRooster Work boots because they are lightweight and feel like a feather on my foot. I can't say they are suitable for every job, because everyone has different preferences when choosing shoes. But I like wearing these boots on safari, construction sites, and on walks in the park, in the rain, and sometimes in the snow. If you pad the soles of these work boots with sandpaper, you won't slip on the ice at all. Although even without sandpaper, they're stable enough and don't slip on the snow. You say you work at a construction site. I'm also a construction worker. But I've recently become a foreman and only manage the process.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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