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Don't dismiss it out of hand

Blueboy1938 and Dashing1 are to be commended for helpful comments. I'd disregard snarky ones; it's all a matter of execution.

I don't have a burgundy blazer, but I wouldn't dismiss it out of hand, depending on the fabric. Very likely your interest is partly driven by a desire for an alternative to the navy blazer. Hence the interest in hunter or bottle-green blazers in other threads.

I have an older Palm Beach blazer in a sort of faded grape color. It's different enough to really come alive when paired with the right shirt and tie. Similarly, one of my four navy blazers is in a linen finish that takes it out of mainstream.

One caution: you wouldn't wear a burgundy blazer as often as you could a navy one, since the latter is essentially neutral, much like a blue suit. :icon_smile_wink:

1 - 1 of 67 Posts
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