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Burgundy blazer

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I stumbled across a burgundy blazer today. I know BB has an unusual, though accepted bottle green one, but how would this community react to a burgundy one?
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A hunt breakfast?

Volunteer as a customer service coordinator at Woodhull Medical and Mental Health Center, Brooklyn, N.Y.: "Easily recognizable by their burgundy blazers, the coordinators staff the main information desk and cover both outpatient clinics and inpatient units. Their responsibilities range from walk-in patients to appointments to resolving billing issues."

Former WW II POWs wear burgundy blazers, "the color of blood," at memorial services for fallen soldiers.

It is part of the dress code for Bronte College, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, along with grey trousers, navy v-neck sweater, and an unspecified tie.

M. R. Security, of Edmonton, Canada, also uses a burgundy blazer, grey trousers.

So, what's my point? Blazers started out as organizational garb in whatever color that organization adopted. Only the navy blue blazer has widely become an item of general wear. Now, there's really no reason why blazers of other colors couldn't be worn by anyone on any occasion, but it's going to seem faintly "uniform" in the eyes of many people.

How to avoid that: Be sure that you accessorize in such a way that it is clearly not a uniform. In the case of a burgundy blazer, for instance, given the number of uniforms that use grey trousers with that, grey trousers might be best avoided. Try cream, perhaps, that being a very impractical choice for a uniform. Make sure the tie is a little wild, maybe a colorful paisley in golds, greens, or even pinks or lavenders. Maybe a shirt with contrasting collar and cuffs, with the body in light blue or pink?
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