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SG_67 knows more about these things than I do, so go with his advice.

If you have the option of keeping it or not, the jacket alone is only one piece of the puzzle. The important and unchangeable piece is you. Your degree of contrast, your hair color, eye color, complexion. One purpose of clothes is to help you look good. If the jacket on you doesn't help you look good, the jacket's quality or whether it looks good by itself isn't important.

Once on this board an experience member recommended shopping with a talented oil painter because the oil painter creates colors by mixing colors and therefore has a good eye for colors, complexions, skin undertones. The advice's purpose was to help people avoid buying things that are lovely on their own but unhelpful for the particular wearer. If you have an eye for these things, then you are good to go. Otherwise, if you are willing to publish your face here, someone with a good eye may be able to advise. Although, colors sometimes are not accurate online. Even better, if you are not confident in your own eye and have a friend with a talented eye who could see you in the jacket, in person, they may be able to advise regarding whether the jacket helps you. If your friends are not that gifted, take the jacket to an art gallery and solicit opinions of people who seem to have eyes for color.
1 - 2 of 67 Posts
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