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I've gotten quite a lot of razzing in the forum culture for my green blazer from W.W. Chan, notwithstanding the example of Brooks and the green blazer's endorsement by Roetzel and others. I suspect it might be as bad for a burgundy blazer.
Say it ain't so!

The forest- or tartan-green blazer is an acknowledged classic. Burgundy is . . . well, not.

I am trying to picture a burgundy DB blazer looking anything other than truly awful, and I can't do it.

The dark-green blazer, btw, should never be mistaken for the distinctive kelly-green blazer associated with Augusta National.

On a vaguely related note: For many years, the University of Maryland's athletic director was a man named Jim Kehoe who was locally famous for his penchant for somewhat GTH plaid sportcoats, like so:

Sometimes "Coach Kehoe" would flip the script and wear a solid cranberry blazer with plaid pants, a white belt, and white shoes. Whoa. I wish I could find a pic of one of those ensembles.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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