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Bulgari Ties

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As is usual when the economy is going down the tubes, Lenox Square Mall has new luxury tenants...

Bulgari opened in a space previously held by a mall-type jeweler, a shoe store, and Judith Leiber.

I've often wondered how a Milanese jeweler became the ne plus ultra of hotel toiletries, but I saw something in their new shop that astounded me.

Their ties.

The ones I looked at are seven-fold, with witty but tasteful designs typical of Ferragamo and Hermes. And they're $175, which is very high for ties but quite reasonable for seven-folds.
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I bought one last year from Filene's. It was marked at $29 (I think it may have been mis-priced). Its an ok tie for the price but nothing special. Certainly not worth the retail price tag. You can do much better for 1/3 the price.
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