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Dear Folks:

On Sunday, I realize a long-held dream and fly to Buenos Aires for a week. It's quite exciting -- I've never been south of Mexico City. I will explore the city, check out the theater, try to find a distant branch of my family and...

...check out the clothes, of course!

I would be interested in: some small leather goods, conservatively styled shirts in bright colors such as might be at the end of a summer sale, and a good, elegant pair of dress boots. I checked the Lopez Taibo site, which had a less-pleasing pair, but I'm sure there are others to see in person.

I'd also consider getting shirts made, if I could quickly find some place that would give me a CEGO shirt at a Jantzen price. (The peso is still nearly 3:1.)

I have combed google and even highbeam for info on men's clothes down there. Info is one cares the way we do :)

Searching 'Buenos Aires" and "Argentina" on this board and SF netted the following [edited]

Perhaps you should search here under "Cheverny," and read comments about a custom tailor there. The quality is comparable to suits from London, high-end HK, even Oxxford. HK tailors are often disparaged; product varies greatly when you are in HK for an extended period. Same for BA. According to several business associates, there was a lode of tailors plying their trade prior to the economic crash. This included custom shoemakers. James Smart, on Av. Callao, have ready-made shirts, ties, blazers, etc. Anglo-style, as the name suggests. Another is Giesso, located right across from the Alvear Palace, shirts, ties, suits. Giesso is a bit more continental. Alfredo Marino would also qualify. There is a Beretta shop north of Recoleta in Barrio Norte/Palermo that has nice sportswear and coats. Patio Bullrich is a good shopping mall located in Recoleta. La Martina is the place for your polo kit, including equine-inspired sportswear. La Martina's prices are starting their post-crash climb, due to their success outfitting polo teams around the world, including the States.


I'll be in BsAs for about five days (at most) during February. Questions re: Sasteria Cheverny that you may be able to answer...
1. Does anyone speak English there? My girlfriend speaks Spanish, but probably not to the degree to work with a tailor very well.
2. If they do not, any ready to wear that's worth seeking out?
3. Do they only do suits and jackets or do you know if they make shirts, overcoats, etc.?
4. Anything I need to know about house style, fabric selections, etc.?
5. And the all important -- how many pesos?
Thanks for your help em36. I've bespoken before so I know the drill, but it wouldn't be worth it if I'd receive a product that wouldn't fit, etc. Thanks for your help.
There is an excellent tailor behind the French Embassy; Sastreria Cheverny, Cerrito 1366. They need around five days with three fittings. Maybe less, as most of the city will be in Punta del Este. Ask for Oscar.

I am unsure if they speak English; bring girlfriend.Some hotels in BA now offer bilingual personal shoppers, for a small hourly fee. I know the Alvear does this. A lady from the hotel can help you with communication. They do not have ready-made clothing, only custom.
They do make shirts, and have shirting material laying around, although I can not comment on these as I have not had any made there.
I am not sure if there is a house style. They demonstrated several suits in various stages of construction. Two button, natural shoulder, straight pockets and double vents seemed to be most of these. I brought in a sportcoat from Oxxford I was wearing, and they can do the half-lining.
Prices start at US$800.

Any comments or additions would be welcome. I know some of us are from there, and/or have even visited recently (Jon? Jon?)

Yours in Brooklyn but not far from JFK,

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