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After viewing a couple of hundred images of William F. Buckely Jr. in suits and ties, I've concluded that the only mistake, if I may be so bold, is the occasional tie too narrow for the lapel, which may only mean it was a favorite tie kept from the 60s into the 70s and 80s. He is considered trad in the trad forum, and perhaps here. If you look at as many images of him as I have, you'll see not all his ties were repp stripes. Seems to me that if we replace the button down shirts with regular collared shirts, we have a model for an excellent, conservative, blue and grey business non-trad wardrobe. He didn't dress for color and fun very often, there was one pink jacket, but for blues and greys, a beginner could do pretty well by finding similar ties.

He didn't use pocket squares, but couldn't that convey insouciance better than going the extra step of a square which may, by the necessary extra step, prevent insouciance?

What do you think?
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