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Here's a strange thing I've noticed. I have two pairs of relatively new Lobbs in black, a Towcester (classic line) and a Phillip II (prestige line). Both were polished with cream and then a wax polish.

Givent he recent rains in NYC, both were hit with a mild amount of rain, which caused some bumps to appear on the toe caps. Since it has happened to both shoes on different days, I'm not sure what to make of this. It has only happened to my black Lobbs, and in calfskin (I understand the phenemenon might be common in shell cordovan).

The weird thing is that it's only the raindrops that are causing it - it doesn't bump the surface whent he shoeshine guys spray water during the waxing to help along the polish.

Two questions:

1) Why is it doing this?

2) Is there anything I can to to reverse it, or at least prevent it from getting worse, short of not wearing them in the rain?
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