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Dull as hell.

When you've got a jacket and pants without a mix-up in solidly defined textures or colors, hue and tone, it can look like you've put together a ten-cent suit. Get some khakis, in the color khaks were originally meant to be, which would be khaki, and say to yourself, There, I've got the pants part taken care of (because there is nothing these, the best pants in the word, khakis, don't go with), now I'm going to concentrate on getting a real nice jacket (the one you're showing ain't it) and I don't have to worry about harmonizing because Khakis Go With Everything. Then take a decent picture of your duds, not slopped on a chair and down loaded sideways. We'll all cheer. Lighters waving in the air. Rough comments these I know. But you were a Marine. Heard worse. Semper pie.

Edit. They're not slopped on a chair. Can't figure out where they are, but they're not on a people.

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So, a young boy in brooks told me the Clark was the most relaxed fit chino cut brooks has made since he has worked there.

Asked and answered...December.

I needed some tradsanity.

Thank you old friend.
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