This is a coat that I desperately wanted to make work for me given how well it fits in the body (a rare trim fit for a sack), but I've had to concede that the shoulders (18.5") just don't fit me (causing the collar to pull away). I only wore it a couple of times.

The coat is in really excellent condition given that it was made in 1966 (dated Sept. 21 to be exact) for Desmond's (the LA department store that ran from 1862 to 1981). I am supposing this weight of coat did not get much wear in SoCal!

18.5 shoulder seam to seam
22 pit to pit
20 at the waist (lots of taper for a sack jacket)
26 sleeves
32.5 bottom of collar to hem

Of note: Patch flap side pockets, quarter lined, center vent. The lapel is 3" and has a really fantastic roll... probably the best of any coat I've owned. It's a bit more of a true 3-button than a 3r2, even though the photo I am attaching (from the previous seller) is buttoned on the middle button. (Please also excuse the non-trad shirt and tie in the photo.)