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Wrentham Massachusetts

I was at the Wrentham premium outlets in Wrentham, MA yesterday and they still have a ton of great sale items and the sale will be on until Monday. They were unloading an entire crate of Golden Fleece dress shirts marked at 50% off the lowest price (which was $99.99). $50 for a GF dress shirt isn't bad at all. They also tend to have a ton of Retail items there like 1818 and GF suits, outerwear, Black Fleece items like a grey flannel suit for $1700 plus 50% off. I'm not a fan of the GF shirts but they had some nice colors and patterns. They had a few GF suits in glen plaid for far less than $1000.

I was in NH at the Tilton outlet over Christmas and picked up a retail 3b sack khaki suit for $70 and some makers ties for $15. They had more retail ties and shirts and blazers and sport coats than the other shops I've been too, but not much else. No suits other than the 346 and the 8 or so khaki suits they had.

Just giving you guys a head's up if you wanted to head out for some deals. The Wrentham Hickey Freeman also had a special on shirts and ties. I picked up two nice ties for $20 each. They had HSM Gold suits for $350 and HF suits for $500.
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