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Brooks Brothers Opera Pumps

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Does anyone else think BB should start making their opera pumps in calfskin as opposed to patent leather?
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Realistically, not that many people would even consider wearing opera pumps and most who would tend to be purists, and probably would prefer them in patent.

Dress shoes from the 1915 Brooks Brothers catalogue:

Let's hope that Brooks sticks to tradition and offers their pumps only in patent leather. After all, what next? They might even start to offer black sack suits. The horrors! :eek:
Well,I may be mistaken but to my knowledge,patent leather is traditionally frowned upon for white tie.
Do you have a reference you can cite? I would be interested if you do, because all of mine say that you should wear patent leather. British, American and even German traditional sources are all unanimous on this:

The London journal Fashion was regarded as the most authoritative of its kind at the time.

The American Blue Book of Etiquette: a Guide to Conduct and Dress on All Occasions by Charles Harcourt, Philadelphia, 1905 also states that for evening dress: "The shoes are of patent leather, and the socks plain black silk".
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1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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