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I've found there's not really much else to work with in my area other than Brooks Brothers. As a small, slim man, I can still find pants that fit decently, and at least they aren't made entirely of polyester. I've tried Jomers (now defunct) and Spier and Mackay which are a great deal considering their fabrics (like VBC, Guabello, etc), but their pants fits are all very slim, with ridiculously small hem openings. This is true of most brick and mortar stores as well; if you are smaller, then apparently they think you want to look like a teenager.

We have a locally owned men's shop around here where I bought my first pair of Allen Edmonds. They carry Church's, Gitman Brothers, H. Freeman, etc; very old-school service model too. Unfortunately, I'm just not at the point financially where I could afford to start shopping there for the essentials.

I'm 30 and want to have a classic look for the office, neither looking too much like an old man or conversely like a trendy hipster. I still find plenty of merchandise at BB that fits this bill.

My apologies for such a long post just to say, Brooks Brothers is still my best option by a long shot, and I imagine it is for quite a few others out there.
Appreciate the upbeat view. The forum is clogged with jabs at The Brothers Brooks. Pendleton, a favorite brand, is nowadays also a shadow of its former self. So I don't buy current Pendleton. And just let it go at that.
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