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Hey guys,

I was just at the BB Factory Store in Wrentham and I thought I'd send along some deals I saw there. They've got a bunch of 1818 suits in various cuts and sizes for $450. I picked up a brown flannel pinstriped Regent in 38S and they had maybe 20 other suits to choose from. I also noticed that they had a rack of Black Fleece grey flannel suits, black pants, grey pants, red long-coats, and black suits. I didn't pay much attention to them but I saw a tag on one of the grey flannel suits was around $1200-$1500 and they were also running a discount at the register.

This is the first time I'd seen Black Fleece at an outlet and thought some guys might like to check that out. Its also the first time I've seen 1818 suits at this particular outlet.

Happy shopping gents.
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