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Brooks Brothers’ collars: Londoner and Button-Down

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Hello. I am new to this forum. I am very fortunate to have discovered this website; otherwise, I’d have made many costly mistakes. I am considering purchasing MTM Shirts from Brooks Brothers. They offer me many types of collars, though I prefer two: the Londoner and the Button-Down. Londoner would be for dress shirts; Button-Down, sport shirts. These choices are predictable, but I’d like to make sure that I'll make the right decision. I am a young man with a long neck and a narrow inverted-triangle face. Any suggestion regarding these collars is much appreciated.

Button-Down Collar with Rolls:
I have heard that button-down collars are not suitable for individuals with narrow faces. Being a member of that group, I am a little bit hesitant to wear this type of collar. Despite reasons, I am really attracted to this type of collar, since it looks neat unbuttoned. But ordinary button-down collars do not posses the same level of spread to counteract the narrowness of my face. What would you think of button-down collars with rolls as offered by Brooks Brothers and lands’ end? From my perspective, the rolls make the collar appear less narrow? Is this a figment of my imagination? Would adding more tie space enhance this effect? Are tie spaces ever sartorially acceptable?

Below, you can see a custom button-down shirt I received from Lands’ end. It has not been washed yet; so it might still shrink.

Londoner Collar:
From my understanding a spread collar or a cutaway collar (a.k.a. Londoner for Brooks Brothers) would be most suitable. However, I am curious whether the Londoner would be too spread and too formal to be worn with a sport coat or a blazer. Is this type of collar business-appropriate or versatile?

I realise that I have asked many questions, but I really appreciate inputs from those who are more experienced. Thank you.
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I think its just fine to wear a spread collar with anything. The formality is in the way you wear it and what it looks like(i.e. i have a rather dressy striped T&A shirt that also white collar and cuffs that is just a bit too formal and is hard to dress down, not that all contrast collared shirts are impossible to wear casually)
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