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Brooks Bros by Alden Vs. Alden

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Are they pretty much the same shoe except for the label?? Will they fit the same as each other??

Also, how are the BB Peal and Co. shoes compared to the BB Aldens??
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Bruce Boyer once wrote about this, but I forget the details without checking. Essentially, they are the same shoes except for minor details.

Brooks' Peal brand is more problematic to compare. They used to all be English, and may still be, but the they've expanded the manufactures that they re-brand as Peal. Started out as all Crockett and Jones, which IMO is an even better shoe than Alden, then they were using a lot of Alfred Seargent, and I don't know what else.
I don't know whether Brooks started out with them, but for many years before they went to C&J, the vendor for Brooks Peals was Edward Green, which is better yet. At least such is my understanding. As I recall, Green also made shoes for Nordstrom at one time.
My understanding is that they went from EG to C&J, and in later years offered a mix of shoes from both C&J and AS. I am not sure whether this situation still exists or they have gone entirely to AS.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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