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Hey guys! I need your help because I don't know much about shoes.

First question is: how people on the street determine which shoes are bought in Walmart (Walmart is just an example, by Walmart I mean something very cheap) and which are quality ones?

Why I'm asking is because of this choice I have right now. Here are two brogue shoes that I like.

These ones are from ASOS for £35.00

And these are the Barker shoes.

The thing is that I don't want to look cheap. But can people even notice that first ones cost very low?

Now the second question: I plan to buy shoes that I could walk in four to eight hours on the street daily. I also plan to attend different clubs and events. Some people told me to use sneakers for that but I don't like urban style that much. I prefer something more classy so I'm looking for brogue shoes. Or is it a bad idea?

I had Hugo Boss shoes and that's what happened to them after one month (even though I didn't walked that much)

Also later I stumbled upon some people claiming that shoes like that aren't meant for driving or long walking. They also started to look a little bit creased (but maybe that's because I didn't bothered myself with using shoe trees).

Anyways are Barker shoes any good quality? Because I was considering to buy those brogues but eventually came across the following review.

Also some people told me that both ASOS and Barker shoe pairs have leather sole that isn't good for walking outside especially considering the rainy weather that happens quite a lot in the places I live. They told me that if I want to walk in those shoes I need to use rubber sole.

The main reason for that was the Paisley drawing. I find it really good looking. I tried to find some other brogues with similar painting but cheaper and I couldn't.

Are there some other manufacturers that do brogues with nice drawings or patterns? Also I've heard about some tattoo masters that do that kind of stuff but I don't have a clue how much it will cost (maybe if it isn't too expensive then I could buy simple shoes and ask for the tattoo?).

I really need some advice because those shoes cost nearly €260 while minimum wage in the place I live is €380. So as you can understand the price really matters for me. I don't mind to spend that much on shoes but only if they are good and I can walk in them a lot.

Also what you think of these shoes (in terms of style)?


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While I really don't like the paisley brogues (Barker McClean I believe) you're set on at all, Barker is a quality brand with a very long heritage. The leather will be proper calf leather, the sole will be good quality and durable and the shoes will last for years if you treat them as they ought to be treated. If you'll frequently be using them in wet weather, just have a set of rubber half soles put on them by a cobbler. I do the same with all of my leather soled shoes.

ASOS I know exactly nothing about, but I do know you can't make a pair of decent leather shoes for £35. I'd be willing to bet a fair sum that they'll stand up less well to use than your Boss shoes (which look more like plastic than leather to be honest). I wouldn't touch them with a barge pole precisely because they're as cheap as they are. They actually look better than the paisley'd McCleans as far as I'm concerned, but they won't do so after the third time you wear them.

The black pair just looks bad to me. Cheap leather inside and out and the styling is....well, let's be nice and say "uninspired".

Were it up to me, I'd choose something like the Barker Valiant in brown instead. A classic brogue design, rather than an "amusing" one which will look dated next year. Or maybe the Lazarus if it has to be a bit different. For slightly less money, but the same quality, there's the Bovey from Loake, on rubber soles, or the Fearnley on leather.

Either way, if quality and value for money is a concern at all, the ASOS and the the bottom will represent money down the drain, while any of the pairs by Barker or Loake will last for many years.

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Flanderian, sorry I don't get the joke. Are you trying to say that brogues are old fashioned?
No, not old fashioned at all. Just afraid that some would think wearing funky looking dress shoes sockless with jeans in bad taste. But I'm sure some would not. The Festrunk brothers being an example of the later.

Looking forward to reading your perfectly PC explanation of this Flanderian.....
Ah . . . . :icon_scratch:
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