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British country clothing (photos)...

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Some time ago I promised one of our mods that I would produce some good links for "how to wear British country clothing". Having failed to do that, here I will post some random photos I've encountered during my travels across the internet.

These photos provide excellent examples of how middle-class Brits wear their country clothing when pursuing outdoor field sports. We will see many waxed jackets, tweed breeks, and modern "Gore-Tex" shooting jackets in action. As I've said before, I used to subscribe to The Field, a stuffy magazine devoted to British country life and sports. It was well-illustrated with genuine country folk doing their thing and the photos posted below are authentic.

Once the outdoor photos are posted, I will post some photos of people getting ready for the post-shoot dinner and festivities.


PS: What won't be seen are the rural working class serving as beaters, etc. It would be nice to have some photos thus, but I simply don't as yet.
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Great photos! I enjoy hunting/shooting sports and also have a sizeable collection of ties that I enjoy wearing. However, I have not yet tried to combine the two activities. Guess I should give that option a bit more thought! Thanks for posting the photos.
When I was in Europe I hunted a lot, when in England. I shot a lot of people, thinking they were birds!
No orange to stop my pulling the trigger. Enjoy weekend
DukeGrad, with an aim like that, you might have a future in politics!

PS: Appologies to Tom B. I failed to read the entire thread, prior to posting. Sorry for the repitition!
Gentlemen, get back to the intended focus of this thread. As Oldsage earlier observed, this has been a very interesting thread until this recent derailment. If Chouan and his cohorts want to continue this distracting debate, take it to the Interchange! Any further posts on this subject will result in infractions.
^^What the hell is it,
a floor length kilt or really wide legged trousers? In any event, the gentleman's companion seems to be really engaged in the moment. LOL. :icon_scratch:
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^^Thanks for the clarification,
but it remains sort of like with a train wreck...I look at that picture and I just can't easily look away! :cold:
Thanks again for the clarification. In this most recent photo, the DoW's trouser legs appear much improved, but still a bit too roomy!
in this third picture chronicling the DoW's day in the field, his trouser sizing seems pretty reasonably tailored. Liking comfortably fit garments, I'm almost inclined to say I would wear those trousers. :eek: :wtf:
If a gentleman is to presume to wear a pair of shorts, wearing a handsome pair of Plus Fours is certainly the way to go. :icon_scratch:
I'm hoping it's simply attributable to my age, but I couldn't help but notice the attractive young lady is standing shoulder to shoulder with a rather handsome Arab! ;)
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Beware the pitchforks and torches at midnight! You might even offend this delightful young lady.

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Ooooo! A lady clad in leather and skilled with a riding can indeed be excitingly mysterious. ;)
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Nice rig, overall, but that is one great looking tie! Back on the hunt. :(
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Now that is a jacket that clearly has a story, or two, or tell and that is what it's all about. Our gear stores many of the memories of our life's adventures! I would never take such a treasure to the Thrift store, but rather would accord it with the firey send off which every good Viking deserves! ;)
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This worries me. I mean, cargo pants?

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Say what? Given the fact you wore such designs for 30 years, I'd have thought that image to be a source of great comfort to an "old soldier!" These days, those cargo pockets are a great place to carry one's cellphone...yes, no? :icon_scratch:
Very smartly dressed for tending the chickens. Could the big one, sneaking up behind the Prince be named "Sunday Dinner?" LOL. ;)
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View attachment 39338

View attachment 39339

Ernest Shackleton was Irish, but who cares? Seen here on the Nimrod expedition to the South Pole, 1909. Tom Waits fans take note, the gentleman on the far left in the second photo was named Frank Wild.
It would appear from the chapped facial skin in the pics, the world had yet to discover "Bag Balm" way back when those pictures were taken. If it was available, those guys should have used it! :icon_scratch:
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That's a 50 lb. salmon!

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LOL. I can't claim to have taken salmon that weighed in at 50 pounds, but I have taken salmon out of the AuSable river that weighed in at just under 30 pounds. Truth be known, I didn't do it while wearing a sport coat and tie! ;)
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She's probably a gun bunny, tool
Ya just have to love it, but is it the gal or the ride? Both classics and beautiful in their own right.....Tough call! ;)
An interesting photo, for sure, but what's with the whip? It appears a bit much for motivating the horse....just seems out of place. Perhaps exchange it for a crop? :icon_scratch:;)
I believe that she is probably a 'whipper -in' or assistant to the master of foxes who uses the whip to control the hound pack and make sure it doesn't go off chasing rabbits, deer, etc.
Thank you for clarrifying that point regarding her role in the hunt. Having never actually been on a fox hunt, I have much to learn of the sport. ;)
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