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British country clothing (photos)...

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Some time ago I promised one of our mods that I would produce some good links for "how to wear British country clothing". Having failed to do that, here I will post some random photos I've encountered during my travels across the internet.

These photos provide excellent examples of how middle-class Brits wear their country clothing when pursuing outdoor field sports. We will see many waxed jackets, tweed breeks, and modern "Gore-Tex" shooting jackets in action. As I've said before, I used to subscribe to The Field, a stuffy magazine devoted to British country life and sports. It was well-illustrated with genuine country folk doing their thing and the photos posted below are authentic.

Once the outdoor photos are posted, I will post some photos of people getting ready for the post-shoot dinner and festivities.


PS: What won't be seen are the rural working class serving as beaters, etc. It would be nice to have some photos thus, but I simply don't as yet.
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Are they fleece or wool?
I have a Barbour that was made for Orvis. I like it a lot more then Polo or Patagonia ones I have owned.
Thanks for the information on this one.
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I’m not sure the mocs work with the Cargos. Better choice would be flip flops. The popped collar finishes the Guy Fieri in Britain look.
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Love BRG!


Yes, but wasn't it considered bad luck after Jim Clark's death?
I bought some Aigle mid length boots last winter. I wore them today to walk the dog. Makes raining and 4c seem a lot more pleasant. They are surprisingly good to walk a few miles in.
Well, there is this guy making a legitimate Defender copy. He tried to buy the old tooling first
For some reason IG has decided that I am a potential buyer of one of these.
Yes Orvis. I have a few and the quality is excellent.
In all of my fantasies, the women have heads. A photo like that doesn’t work for me.
Pictorial proof that our friends on the other side of the pond, and their beasts, can appear/seem a bit anal retentive at times! We Yanks would just slop through that little puddle. LOL. ;)
In £10,000 bespoke Riding Boots one must be careful.
Bacalao when done right is delicious. We were in Vittoria Gasttiez a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it as a spread and as a fritter.

Basque cuisine is delicious, sadly my experience with the language led to a few unpleasant experiences while in the Rioja.
HP sauce is for your bangers or scotch eggs.

We had a lovely gentrified British Food experience at a joint called the Mayfair Chippy when we were in London pre Covid.
Wellies for me all day long. Swap the Crop for a Trowel as well.
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drpeter. I am a huge fan of Primadonna aged Gouda.
I cooked many game birds in cooking school but not a one in a restaurant.
I have a tweed shooting jacket from New Forest Clothing. It is made in the UK, is very warm and is a few pence under £100.

It was warm enough for a -16c dog walk on Monday.
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I wonder if cigars are part of the British Country lifestyle?
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