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"The old fat man's uniform"
Some time ago, someone took that dig at Brioni.

I have always felt Kofi Annan is a rather well presented man.
(Please do not offer Trump as counter point, and please, no more references of that sort)

Tonight while enjoying a nice walk after a rain storm brought a break in the blister heat,
I popped in to steal a second look at a Zegna cord jacket that has won my heart.

There was a row of new fall Brioni suits and blazers freshly hung for display.
I have done a good job of staying away from Brioni and Kiton, at least until the tuition bills for my daughters are done with, but regardless, I tried on a few of the new Brioni jackets.

Ever so beautiful, tightly tailored in a V to hug your form,
amazing cloth and great finishing details. They are lovely!

While Brioni may not be for everyone, and there are not for me at this moment in time,
Surely we can at least acknowledge them for what they do right.
And the lineup I saw tonight, was done right!

So many great pieces to wear, and so little time,
and a total lack of the winning lotto numbers! :)
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