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Dear All:

I have recently read some posts on briefcases, an accessory I have become interested in. As always, the posts were informative and engaging and I feel the more time I spend on this forum the more I learn about the finer aspects of dressing well. Now I have been in the market for a briefcase for a while and so far have only purchased a Tumi laptop case with a shoulder strap which does accommodate everything I need to carry (I work as an Ibanker in the Middle East). However, I often feel the need for a more elegant and compact briefcase and have looked at the usual designer stuff available here including LV (I have to say I was a little disappointed by the finishing of some of their products I saw. I know it might be difficult to find fault with an LV briefcase but I saw areas where it was clear that no attention to detail was paid!). What I am looking for are recommendations on some good quality brands. Any suggestions will be very helpful.

Kind Regards.
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