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braces/suspenders for trousers

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i had my black-tie trousers made without being cut for braces/suspenders (or a belt). they originally sat on my waist very well, but now not quite that much as i've lost a little weight.
is it possible to have them fitted for braces now? are there any recommended tailors to go to in london? i've got an ede & ravenscroft where i'm at (cambridge, uk), but i've had no experience with it.
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You get buttons with the braces from Albert Thurston (the ones to get are the black or white moiré with braid ends). Sew them on yourself. The ones at the front: one button directly above the pleat/crease and one 2-2.5" to the side. Back buttons 2.5-3" apart. Sew them on the inside (if you use real horn or MOP buttons, they go on the outside). The buttons should just reach the edge of the waistband or be slightly inside or the central line but no deeper.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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