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Braces/Suspenders - Colors, Source Etc ?

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Dear All

I hope you have been well since the last I was here.

I'm attending a medical conference in SF soon, and have been going through my clothing. I'm thinking a pair of suspenders might be worth a try, since I find my trousers tend to want to ride down a bit, probably a consequence of being too fat.

I will probably take my light grey and my "new blue" (a smidge lighter than Navy) suits. I don't want to be super ostentatious with ducks or other crazy stuff on the braces. Is there a preferred color? Do they need to coordinate with whatever color shirt I happen to be wearing?

Do we have some favorite sources here for reasonably priced, good quality suspenders?

Thanks everyone !

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Such helpful information.

As I read some of the old threads, I learned and realized a few things.

1. They are really best with buttons, which seem to be provided with the braces when purchased new.
2. I would need first to wait for them to arrive in the mail, then take my pants to the nearby tailor to put the buttons on.
3. This would probably put me in a time crunch, as I fly up north next Wednesday.
4. Having said that, I think as a longer term project, this will be worthwhile.

Other questions:
What about getting my feet wet by buying some on ebay, and scrounging up my own buttons? Are they OK second hand, or are they likely to be all stretched out or ? ? ?
How important is it that the pants were cut/designed to be worn with braces (higher rise?). I'm willing to leave the belt loops on during a trial period or permanently.
It reminds me of that expression, "Belt and suspenders".

Be advised, some braces on offer on ebay are at the end of their lifespan and are no longer wearable. On cheaper braces the elastic might be shot.

Sewing on ones own brace buttons is a simple task and does not have to look neat since it is unseen.

Thurston is a personally preferred brand, and I have a few silk Holland & Holland I have picked up which I believe are made by Trafalgar.


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