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Braces/Suspenders - Colors, Source Etc ?

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Dear All

I hope you have been well since the last I was here.

I'm attending a medical conference in SF soon, and have been going through my clothing. I'm thinking a pair of suspenders might be worth a try, since I find my trousers tend to want to ride down a bit, probably a consequence of being too fat.

I will probably take my light grey and my "new blue" (a smidge lighter than Navy) suits. I don't want to be super ostentatious with ducks or other crazy stuff on the braces. Is there a preferred color? Do they need to coordinate with whatever color shirt I happen to be wearing?

Do we have some favorite sources here for reasonably priced, good quality suspenders?

Thanks everyone !

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LOL, motivated by the words of those who post herein, I have purchased two pair of braces/suspenders and have yet to build up the nerve to be seen wearing either of them in the wild. They just look pretentious(reas as silly) when worn with chinos! ;)

PS: I have worn them with a suit, but I never take the jacket off and I wear a suit (these days) perhaps once a year!
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