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bow tie remarks...

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I dont get to wear ties every day, but with some regularity. Mostly regular ties, but every now and then I break out the bow ties. Its always some type of comment, like "Oh, you're wearing a BOW tie!" or whatever. But today, nothing. So whats worse -- a bunch of annoying comments, or none at all???:confused:
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Great comments, all. I started wearing bows this past summer, and after a flurry of comparisons to Paul Simon (the late senator, not the musician/composer), the office has adapted. I still get comments outside the workplace, and they're without exception compliments--and I don't think I'm getting smoke blown up my skirt. Strangers in elevators smile and genuinely want to talk to you, which might not suit all, but is fine by me. I wear them roughly 50-50 now, but I expect that percentage to rise in favor of the bow. Besides being, in my view, more elegant, they're infinitely more practical. Less susceptible to food stains, you can wear them with a lightweight, light-colored merino v-neck sweater on top because there's no tie hanging down underneath to show through. I'm not sure if they're coming back, but I don't really care. They work for me.
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