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For anyone interested in gatherings in Boston, MA. There are several regular posters from the land of Baked Beans, Cod, and the Andover Shop, which, scandalously, the forum software marks as misspelled.
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I'm interested. Keep me posted.
Most of my favorite places closed down during the Great Recession. We could try The Kinsale or Big City in Allston.
Which one was that? I can do the Kinsale after work, Allston is a bit of a reach for me.
The Good Life. Best cocktails in Beantown. They're more of a restaurant than a upscale bar now. We can also try The Franklin, a decompression chamber for local celeb chefs. Or we can try The Julep Bar.

I live in Metro West. It would be appreciated if we could pick some place easily accessible via the T or commuter rail.
How about Flash's on Stewart Street?
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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