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I am new to this great forum, and have a question about Borrelli shirts. I have tried many brands of casual and dress shirts, including Ben Silver, Purple Label, Zegna, and find Borrelli to be the very best. No other shirt I have tried fits like a Borrelli. They can be quite exspensive though. I recently purchased a shirt from an eBay seller for about one-third the retail price. I compared it to my other shirts (which are authentic) and the only differences I could discern were the following. The label is slightly different. It's smaller and does not have the word "Luigi." Also, the "patch" that is sewn on the bottom lower left of the shirt is a different color. Other than these differences, the shirts are identical (size, craftsmanship, buttons, etc), it even came with the box and was in the usual plastic protector. At such a low price (relatively), is there any way to tell if the shirt is authentic?


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