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Forgive me for bringing up a topic that I know has been discussed before. The search function on the forum seems to be inoperative, so I thought I'd ask the question again.

I am considering the purchase of a navy blazer. Brooks Brothers' Classic Navy blazers are currently on sale for $336 (from $448). How does this compare to other makers in the same price range (I'm specifically thinking of J. Press, either the Patch Pocket with Flap Blazer, or the Navy Prestige Blazer, if it ever goes on sale)?

Finally, I am tall and thin. An experienced salesman at Brooks Brothers told me that the 3-button undarted blazer was designed for barrel-chested men (which I am certainly not), and that I should be looking at the 2-button. Would a 2-button be more appropriate for a thin person?

BTW, I tend to prefer the traditional/prep/Ivy look in clothing, but I'm not such a purist that I would eschew clothes that don't strictly fit the "trad rules."

Thanks in advance for your help.
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