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Dear all
It's been a while since I was here, but I thought I'd keep everyone updated with my dinner-suit order. I also need you advice, to find out your opinions, and to see if I'm being too picky.
Just to recap, I have ordered:
16oz barathea, midnight blue, single-breasted, but with peak lapels. Grosgrain facings, buttonhole (with stem-keeper). Three-button waistcoat with lapels. Brace-back trousers with 20-inch bottoms.
I have gone to my usual (I have had one other suit) tailor in Yorkshire
A lot of these details were on your advice....!
Now then, this is where we are....
The other day I went for my 2nd fitting. A number of things were not as I would have wished:
1) The button-hole on the lapel was very small. This might have been an optical illusion (my lapels are very wide!), but the hole was no bigger than my thumbnail (about 3/4 inch). I specifically asked for a 'useful buttonhole'. But my tailor said that the lapel holes are the same as a (working) cuff hole. When I got home I checked this against my other suit, and it too had a 'cuff-hole' on the lapel, but it didn't look as silly, since it has single-breasted lapels. Nonetheless, I was unhappy that my tailor said he couldn't alter it, as it might damage the silk facings.....
2) The buttons weren't covered in the grosgrain. This is easily corrected - my tailor will cover some and give me a set - but I did ask for this (another thing 'forgotten').
3) My brace buttons were on the inside. Again, easily corrected, but yet one more thing 'forgotten'.
4) Because Darren had told me that the silk grosgrain can only be got from one [sic] company in the UK - the rest is polyester, but difficult to tell the difference. I asked my tailor where he had got it from. He said Leo Brown in Exeter (?), wihch is not the firm Darren told me about. Again, I specifically asked for silk and am paying for this. I don't want to be paying extra for a fob-off....!
5) The waistcoat had large buttons on it, which I don't think will look bad, but it's a departure from what I expected.
6) The braceback trousers had a waistband all the way round. Darren said this should stop at the side seams, but mine seemed of the right shape, but with a waistband. What's going on here?
7) Finally, because of the 'complexity' of my waistcoat my tailor told me a top figure for the whole suit - he couldn't quote me properly until he had made the waistcoat. Last time I went in he said it would be 50 pounds cheaper than this original figure (good), but at the second fitting he said the whole thing would be only 25 pounds cheaper (good, but not so good). Needless to say, I feel messed around here. When I challenged it, he just said he had been 'rash' to say the first revised figure and wouldn't honour his previous statement.
All in all, the suit is looking great, and fits beautifully (minus some tweaking). But soon I have to go back and collect it and pay for it (!) with some details not as I would have wished, and some suspicions that I am being ignored and not obliged with what I want.
Could someone please let me know what they think about all this. Do I have the right to cancel my order, or is that silly? Can I ask him to change the button-hole (at his cost), or hold out over the original quote he gave me? Have I been given the braceback trousers I asked for, or something different?
I know this is a long post, but thank you for helping.
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