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Bought this on ebay, absolute steal but although it was advertised as black it is (to my eye) navy. I have too many navy suits as it is so, passing it along.

Listing was as follows:

Tailor Anthony Sinclair provided the suits for Sean Connery in the first Bond movies Dr. No, From Russia With Love, Goldfinger (including the famous three-piece suit), You Only Live Twice and Diamonds Are Forever.

Terence Young, the director of Dr. No, turned to his own tailor Anthony Sinclair to oversee the transformation of the then unknown Sean Connery into the suave and stylish character that prevails in our minds today. For the shirts and ties, they went to Terence Young's own bespoke shirtmaker Turnbull & Asser where Bond got his signature shirts with double cuffs.

You are bidding on a black (NAVY) 2 button suit by Anthony Sinclair Mayfair. I am 99% sure it is bespoke but not 100%


100% wool
40" chest
31.24" length
25" sleeves
4 button working cuffs


30" waist
31" leg
42" Total leg length
8" opening

$200 plus shipping

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