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Black chamois used on brown shoes...

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Help! Used a black chamois on a pair of dark brown Edward Green Ectons. The dye of the chamois seemed to transfer onto the vamp. I used Reno Mat to try and remove the stain with no luck.

Accepting any and all suggestions! Also, can Edward Green shoes be darkened because I would do this if need be.

Thanks in advance!

*seems that the pic I want to update is to big for the server to upload...*
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While we're waiting for some brilliant advice from your fellow Members you might want to take your shoes into a near-by shoe repair shop (if there are any open!) and have them take a look at the shoes.

Franz Polker:

I took the liberty on contacting Hilary at Edward Green and here is her response. If you would like any further information or an e-mail contact me.

Dear Andy,
Have checked with our Technical Manager who agrees we need to see this pair please. I have provided shipping instructions below needed to avoid import tax since they are returning to the manufacturer for repair.
We'll do our best!
Kind regards, Hilary

Hilary Freeman
Managing Director
Edward Green & Co. Ltd.
Cliftonville Rd, Northampton, NN1 5BU
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