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A friend of the family dresses in Bijan. It goes without saying, he gets to his appointments at Bijan in LA on his Bombardier Global.

I have carefully studied his wardrobe and I must say: It is completely tacky. The gold and diamonds "B" shaped buckles, I mean... Of course the quality of each item is superb, but at what price!

In any case, I have noticed that a good number of his Bijan stuff has been commitioned to other manufacturers who also appear on the label, e.g: Stephano Ricci for Bijan. Thing is, Stephano Ricci shirts outside Bijan are priced considerably lower.

So, what do you make of all think of this? Does Bijan offer something special in terms of service, quality and design besides pampering to the egos of heads-of-state and billionaires?

Are these leaders of the world so careless to splurge literaly millions of dollars in their appointments at Bijan rather than crossing the street and getting similar stuff at a fraction of the cost?
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