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I was all excited to try these:

Just got them and they are cheapo junk.

Who today makes a good similar shoe? Would love a wing tip in a similar pattern and two-tone cap toes as well.

Sorry for your disappointment.

None of these may be exactly what you're looking for, but none of them are junk. They range from decent to premium quality. (And price!)

This is an English shoe from a traditional English maker -

This is an English retailer, but while the country of make is not specified, I believe it is Italy -

This shoe is quite different from the one you purchased. It is also beautiful, of superb quality and very expensive -


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I'm partial to these:

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As for captoe, you can get a custom patina for your two-tone effect here: Wenatchee - Sangria Calf
Those shoes are very lovely. I especially like the spacing of the eyelets narrowing as they go from the pair closest to the vamp to those closest to the throat of the shoe -- that is the first time I have seen such an arrangement, perhaps I've simply missed it in shoes I have seen before. It is always great to learn new things, so thank you, @StephenRG.
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