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Just mailed off some Vass shoes sold on the Sales Forum and had time to check around for the best value.

The Results:

USPS (Post Office) $11.19

Shipper (charges a fee -evidently!)
FedEx $16.68
UPS $17.49
USPS $19.29
UPS $12.80 (4 days)

And the winner is:

FEDEX $9.05 (3 days)

Amazing the differences, especially when you're paying an extra service fee!

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When the Oz dollar was worth something against the Greenback(sight last night it was 82c) I found that the US postal express service was the most efficient for you could track the package and it took only five working days to arrive.

The worst by far is Amazon who charge like wounded bulls and take for ever and a day to arrive.
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